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Lucky Labs Rescue was founded by two really passionate ladies that were volunteers for other rescues for years before deciding to start Lucky Labs Rescue. Labrador Retrievers are America's favorite dog and there are so many in need of our help. We are overwhelmed daily with so many awesome dogs.

Meet Bo! This sweet boy came from a nasty shelter where 90% of the animals that enter this shelter get euthanized, so sad! Bo came to us very sick. I received a call from a shelter volunteer stating Bo was lethargic and needed vet care immediately or he would be another statistic. I said to get Bo to Charlotte and we would do our best to save him. And that we did!! Our vet did an awesome job saving this boy's life. We all did a lot of praying! Bo is approximately 1 1/2 to 2 years old. I spoke with the wonderful foster family today and Bo is doing so well. He is so happy, energetic, eating well, gaining weight, learning basic commands, loves to play with their lab, and just a love bug.

Update from the foster family!
Bo is doing great! He is an active, friendly and loving boy. Bo loves to play with our lab and will run in circles in our back yard - he is really fast too! If our lab doesn't want to play, he will jump in front of her to get her going and if that doesn't work, he'll grab one of the outside toys and just run and run til he's had enough. After his spurts of running, Bo is ready to come in the house and take a nice long nap. Bo is friendly with other dogs and wants to play with them. He is friendly with everyone he's met and is very happy to be petted. Like most rescued dogs, he just can't believe his good fortune that he can get a head/neck/ear rub or his belly rubbed if he rolls over. At night, he snuggles next to me as close as he can get, on the coach when I watch TV or read. Bo is very sweet and makes the cutest faces, by cocking his head this way or that when you talk to him.

If you are interested in meeting Bo, email

dog rescue, North Carolina
dog rescue, North Carolina

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Coming soon! We will have all our lovable and adoptable labs listed online. We are under construction, but will be up soon. Check back often. Share with us our wonderful success stories of our labs that have been adopted and now with loving families. Under construction, check back soon. Lucky Labs is always looking for foster families to help us with our rescues. Without the help of foster families, we would not be able to save as many wonderful labs as we do. [click here for more info]

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